Elite Pre-School offers an all day full-time preschool program that is staffed with well trained experienced teachers! Our unique curriculum is formed by our staff to be able to accommodate to every child. Something unique about our school is our 1500 square foot gym. It is equipped with 2 inch foam flooring to insure the child safety. It is very important to us that we can incorporate an active play space for the kids to play when they are not in the class room. It will allow those children to be able to participate in activities with other students and to get the classroom experience, while teaching the students a sense of diversity and respect.

Other Offers:

·      Full-time and flexible part-time day care

·      Hours: 5:30am-6:00pm

·      Planned fitness programs

·      Foam-mat gym with trampoline and other child friendly equipment

·      Professional, experienced and trained staff

·      Before/After  school care- buses have to be in our district in order for them to pick/drop off

·      Parents night out (weekends)- for more information see director

·      Security system and ID program to ensure the safety of your children

·      Nutritious breakfast from 7:30-8:00am, morning/afternoon snack and lunch

Why us?

Our center is not like all the other. We take time in getting to know your children, challenge them, and educate them on a level of respect, acoutability and integeraty. It is important for them to explore the new and confusing world around them. We will provide your child with material to be as creative as possible and express their selves.

To also prevent any intruders, we have a ProCare system. To be able to enter the front door, you must have a code, and to get into the preschool facility you will have to type in your child’s personal ID number. When you drop off and pick up your child you must sign them in to the computer. When you fill out your application, you must write down all the people who are allowed to pick up your child. If you need to add a person to the list or take someone off, you must call ahead of time to let the director know or come in with a written note and dated. We will ask for ID’s of the newly added people at pick up. We are allowed to do random ID checks if we do not recognize the person or the list changes.

Healthy balanced diet

We believe a healthy balanced diet is important. We have a unique food program that you will LOVE! We serve breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. We serve fresh fruits and vegtables and home made balanced meals. 

·      Breakfast: whole grain, fruit and milk

·      Morning snack: milk and whole grain

·      Lunch: 1 meat, vegetable, fruit and milk

·      Afternoon snack: fruit OR whole grain and water

Staff Training and Qualifications

Our trained and certified staff will provide your child with the upmost safe and educational environment. Staff members will be required to take 15 hours of training and 18 hours for the director each year to ensure the safety and refresh the minds. The type of training will depend on the type of classroom the staff is teaching in. For example, for an infant teacher there is an infant head trauma class and for open/closers there is CPR and First Aid. 6 of these hours will be ‘Orientation’ demonstrating the basics of working at a center. Our facility also provides training that will be beneficial to the whole center. Team building, classroom order and classroom function of all the age groups are some of the examples. (All of these classes will be paid for through the center and comp time will be provided for these hours.)

Our center also provides the STAR program through KHEAA. Any staff member going to school for their education degree, must work 25 hours or more a week and in return, is provided with $1,800 per semester and up to $50 for book money! This is something great for both the student and facility to have the hands on experienced workers! It gives the student a good feel for what it is like to work with children all day.

Prior to our staff being hired they must get a TB test, sign a document to allow us to do a criminal background check, and must be 18 years old. This helps us to have the safest facility possible!